Changing world

The world is continuously changing. Technological and social innovations are rather the rule than the exception. Social values are changing. What is the standard today, may be obsolete tomorrow. As a company, it is hard to find your way in that. However there is one central theme that connects all trends and developments: value. Those who are of value or who add value are relevant. Those who don’t, are not. BIOS+ translates this as principle in its services: value oriented work methods.

BIOS+ continuously adds value to processes, products and services by adding value to available data. This provides new insights into existing KPIs or establishes new indicators. BIOS+ provides clear reports, from order modules to marketing and sales plans and action lists. The self-learning system is always up-to-date and real-time. Working with BIOS+ provides insight and transparency in the actual value of a portfolio, based on data from the entire supply chain. BIOS+ works for organizations in retail, FMCS, healthcare and industry.

Data Driven Marketing

Thanks to BIOS+ account management is once again used the way it was intended to be: working on growth, based on customer orientation and loyalty.  By applying the right marketing on the right place in the supply chain. So, multichannel and cross-medial! BIOS+ provides insight into the place and the action to be taken: mapping needs with the right customer profile and customer demand, and offering products and services based thereon.

Because of this, the role of the account manager is transferred from sales to marketing. After all, the required data is automatically retrieved via BIOS+. This gives account managers plenty of room to work based on loyalty, with marketing promotions at the right place in the supply chain. This connection between marketing and sales is the strength of BIOS+. We call that Data Driven Marketing. Everywhere throughout the supply chain you’ll have insight in the marketing activities that work best. So no push, but pull, by staying connected to your customer. By not selling, but by helping the customer buy, you create loyalty. BIOS+ doesn’t just give you a bigger slice of the pie, it even helps you expand the pie itself!

Quality through ease of use

Traditionally, CRM software is only used to a limited extend in many industries. The cause often lies in the poor usability, many unnecessary input fields with incorrect names or even the lack of added value to the user.

BIOS+ encourages use by continuously focusing on ease of use.  Data is translated into orderly visuals for instance. And all fields in BIOS+ can be given your company specific wording, guaranteeing fast and correct input. And that, in turn, generates high quality and current data, as input for decisions to be made.

BIOS+ free for social organizations

BIOS+ provides added value to all situations that involve customers, actions and schedules. That also applies to social organizations, such as NGOs, associations and foundations. But often these organizations have insufficient resources, which is a pity since these organizations in particular can be much more successful with professional CRM. That is why BIOS+ is available free of charge for these types of non-profit organizations. With this support, BIOS+ helps these organizations reach the next level by enriching available data and by providing insight into opportunities. Do you believe that you qualify for a free license? If so, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We are happy to help you.